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all hail princess charlotte gillies. that is all.


I still remember when Elijah was the Original brother with an impeccable taste just for be Katherine’s “friend”…

oh yes, because his whole life revolves around katherine and her opinion. i mean, considering she waited around for him to come back to mystic falls, waiting on bated breath — oh wait. no she didn’t. she ruined damon, chased stefan, called stefan the love of her life … so oh yeah, elijah’s the one who changed.


Just a crack thing. For Kara

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After tonight, I want someone to dagger Elijah. Like that’s really my fantasy right now. Imagine how good he’ll look in a coffin.

Please stop talking. You’re stealing all of my oxygen with your stupidity.

"He’s my brother. We remain together."


The Demon Spawn = Klaus and Hayley’s daughter.

I bet your parents say that about you.

On the Daniel Gillies issue


I don’t know why it’s coming up again since the interview was months ago, but I thought I’d take the opportunity to say something about it.

Let it be known beforehand that I LOVE Daniel Gillies. Like a lot.

Ok here we go.


This interview upset me for a couple reasons. He was not only dismissive of Klaroline, he was dismissive of the fandom as a whole. He built up a new character  - who turned out to be far too similar to Caroline for comfort - and simultaneously tore down a fan favorite ship. It was rude and hurtful and it felt like a personal attack on a ship that was already suffering hard times. More than that, it’s a disservice to Candice’s work that he would dismiss her performance as forgettable when compared to Leah’s. Not nice. It was not the first time he’d expressed his dislike for Klaroline either, since he said some less than inspiring things at comicon (x) and after the backdoor pilot aired (x). Nothing too terrible, but still not something that endeared him to the fandom. It’s not just Klaroline either, he had no qualms about telling everyone how much he disliked Haylijah (x). It seems he just didn’t want to mince words about ships, he wanted to tell it like it was. Which is actually kind of refreshing.

Now I understand that in context, all he was really trying to do was bolster up Cami’s character and give a rave review about Leah Pipes. She is insanely talented, and he was just trying to express that. It was an impulsive comment without much thought put behind it. But you should NEVER tear down someone else’s work to praise another’s. It’s wrong and it’s hurtful.

More importantly, he failed to take into account that there are REAL people who are very passionate about these ships and comments that are so blunt and rude regarding those relationships hurt the fans more than blunt honesty helps them. Saying we’ll “forget about Klaroline after a few weeks” is an insult to those fans and to the two years of writing that went into the relationship. You can’t make offhanded comments like that and expect everyone to be happy with you.

So here is where we get to the part that I have a real issue with.

After these interviews, he got quite a few angry scoldings from fans of both Karoline and Haylijah. They were understandably upset. He then went on the record (x) saying that he will no longer give comments about ships because of the hate he received. And he only referenced Klaroline when playing the blame game. I understand our fandom is much larger than Haylijah’s and there were probably less people willing to condemn him in that fandom because he is in fact the male lead for their couple. But it is still incredibly hurtful for him to call out Klaroline fans this way.

Did he really think calling us out was going to win him any points?

We have gotten mocked and chastised time and again for our “evil ways” and it has been made abundantly clear that everyone involved with The Originals dislikes our fandom. Anytime anything goes wrong, it’s Klaroline’s fault. But to go so far as to say that he’s self-censoring because of us is just the last straw. If you’re going to censor, then do it correctly. Only give vague and smiley comments about the show that won’t get you in trouble. Give a lot of “you’ll have to wait and see” and “I’m just as in the dark as you are” like everyone else. Don’t pretend to censor yourself and then go and attack a fanbase.

Now I’ll end this rant by saying that Daniel Gillies is great, and he’s my favorite actor as of right now related to that show. He’s funny and engaging, and I find his complete inability to control the innuendos and profanity that spew from his mouth during interview hilarious. He’s also clearly a great dad who respects his wife, and a wonderful actor who enjoys his craft. Everything about him is a recipe for success in the fans eyes.

But he has got to stop making these kind of comments about fans because I should not find it difficult to like him. And sometimes I do.

He doesn’t have to stop doing anything. He’s a grown man and should not have to censor himself because this fandom is so sensitive about everything. They’re fictional characters — you’re allowed to be passionate just as he’s allowed not to be. He’s allowed to not like something and he should not have to shut up. If you’re allowed your overly-sensitive opinions, he’s allowed his. And by your logic, if he’s supposed to ‘shut up’ for the good of the fandom, so should you. 


Whoever is saying The Originals is going to film over the whole summer with no breaks is full of crap because Daniel Gillies films Saving Hope over the summer and it was picked up for an 18 episode run and there is NO WAY The Originals would go without him for that many episodes and there is NO WAY Saving Hope would go without him during season 3, so I’m calling bullshit.

EDIT: it’s the woman who runs that tour company and she claims that Daniel will fly back and forth all summer to film like he did last year. Does she not remember that they didn’t use him for 4+ eps last yet because he was gone? He did not fly back and forth all summer! This will not make Daniel happy if it is true, as it will definitely take him away from his daughter even more. I highly doubt this is true. Plus, this woman considers herself an “insider” in the TVD/TO world, but unless there’s some kind of article or something, I don’t believe it. It’s not possible to be a series regular on two shows at the same time and have them film simultaneously in two different cities. You end up with 2 or 3 scenes an episode because of time constraints.

EDIT 2: Also, Phoebe starts filming “Take Down” in April. Yeah, this must be bogus. I say source or it didn’t happen.

Agreed — until she can give a legitimate source (a writer, producer, something) or we hear from the actors, I don’t think it’s true. I’m fairly sure they’re near done now. And if I remember correctly, Perception is filmed in Canada too, right? 

thespianreveur replied to your photo: “KEEP AWAY FROM A-RUNAROUND SUE [x] Katherine Pierce; That Girl’s A…”:
Hmmm…so, what does that make Elijah? Runaround Sam? At least OOC Elijah lol I miss the old Kalijah :(

Elijah doesn’t manipulate women to do his bidding. And “old Kalijah”? He had a crush on her in 1492 — I wouldn’t call that anything. But to each their own. 

Katherine Pierce; That Girl’s A Maneater.

Here’s the moral and the story from the guy who knows
I fell in love and my love still grows
Ask any fool that she ever knew, they’ll say
Keep away from-a Runaround Sue

god i hate people. that’s not racism. i don’t discriminate. if you’re stupid, you’re stupid. i don’t care what color your skin is.


     you are a flat out piece of shit if you call someone you don’t even know anything about racist because they don’t agree with you. you are the biggest asshole on earth if you call someone racist who doesn’t spend their life making everything a Race A vs Race B issue. and you’re an even bigger dickhead if you think “Stupid Shit {Race Here} Says” isn’t a racist comment. 

      knock it off. no one is better than the other. don’t preach tolerance, equality and understanding if you have no fucking idea what it even means. if you can’t apply it to everyone, if you aren’t fighting against the discrimination of all races, genders and nationalities, then shut the fuck up and sit down. and quit acting like you’re some voice of a generation.

      you’re not. you just look stupid. and i have so much second hand embarrassment from being on the same HTTP as you.